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Wireless and Mobile News' Review of Reviews of the BlackBerry Storm

RIM hopes that the BlackBerry Storm takes the enterprise market by storm and the reviewers, blackberrystormblack.jpgso far, are amazed with the new click-screen. There's suspension under the display so you feel like you are acutally pushing keys on a keyboard. The most positive reviewer called the BlackBerrry Storm "drop-dead gorgeous."

The BlackBerry Storm
has some features the iPhone does not have, strong compatibility with business documents, the ability to "copy and paste," turn-by-turn directions and the 3.2 megapixel camera, has video recording capabilities which appear to work well.  The 480 x 360 3.26-inch display was called stunning and beautiful. The screen auto-adjusts to light.

The user-interface has been enhanced for touch navgation with some neat mutli-touch features such as the ability to highlight text. The BlackBerrry Storm has all the features needed for enterprise business users including the ability to view and edit documents in Word, Excel and Powerpoint. In the US it will only be available on the Verizon network which may be a factor in buying decisions. 

To read summaries of the reviews we reviewed, continue reading.  You may want read the earlier  BlackBerrry Storm announcement with photos.
Sascha Segan at PC Mag called the BlackBery Storm,  "the BlackBerry that's poised to steal some of the iPhone's thunder in corporate circles.' He liked what he saw, the touchscreen felt surreal anand durable, a perfect storm of features, the 4.7 OS with MS Office apps, fast HTML java browser, and HTML email.  It also supports EV-DO Rev A for data and should be very fast.

Bonnie Cha at CNET found it took a time to get used to the ClickThrough keyboard on the BlackBerry Storm but was pleasantly surprized how accurate it was to the touch. The BlackBerry Storm has dual mode technology and can switch between CDMA and GSM networks. The 3.2 megapixel camera has video recording. 
Overall, she was impressed with the nice design and feature richness. The price of the BlackBerry Storm will be a big determining factor for sales.

Randy Dumas at Wired Labs wrote about BlackBerry Storm's on screen keyboard, "Text messaging is a breeze -- I was able to compose a lengthy detailed
SMS without a single typo. That's a feat I have yet to accomplish with
the iPhone." The photos, video and audio recording were clear.

Todd Haselton at Laptop Mag called the BlackBerry Storm, "drop-dead gorgeous." About the same size as an iPhone but thicker, the BlackBerry Storm backplate can be three colors, black, dark blue and charcoal.  The 480 x 360 3.26-inch display is stunning and beautiful. It supports multi-tapping for highlighting text. He liked the turn-by-turn directions that are not found on the iPhone. Multimedia features worked well and video played without a hitch. The browser was OK. There is also an dock for turning inot a digital alarm clock.  He believes that if the BlackBerry Storm is competitively priced it will fly off the shelves.

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BlackBerry Storm Specs

The BlackBerry Storm smartphone, available from Verizon
Wireless and Vodafone, also includes the following features and

• BlackBerry® Internet Service, BlackBerry® Unite!, BlackBerry®
Professional Software and BlackBerry® Enterprise Server support

• Preloaded DataViz® Documents to Go® allows users to edit
Microsoft® Word, Excel and PowerPoint files directly on the handset

• 3.2 megapixel camera with variable zoom, auto focus and a powerful
flash that also provides continuous lighting when recording video

• Built-in GPS supports location-based applications and services, as well as geotagging of photos

• 1 GB of onboard memory storage and a microSD™/SDHD memory card slot that supports up to 16 GB of additional storage

• Media player that can play movies smoothly in full-screen mode,
display pictures and slideshows quickly and manage an entire music
collection; playlists can be created directly on the handset and
there's an equalizer with 11 preset filters - including "Lounge,"
"Jazz" and "Hip Hop" - for customized audio ranges when using wired
headphones or external speakers

• A 3.5 mm stereo headset jack, support for Bluetooth® stereo audio profile (A2DP/AVRCP) and dedicated volume controls

• Sleek, elegant design with contoured corners, stainless steel back
and chrome accents surrounding its large (3.25") glass lens; its
exceptional 480 x 360 resolution at 184 ppi is crisp and bright with
eye-pleasing clarity

• An ambient light sensor that automatically adjusts backlighting
for ideal screen viewing and an accelerometer that allows customers to
view applications in either portrait or landscape mode by simply
rotating the handset

• Removable and rechargeable 1400 mAhr battery that provides
approximately six hours of talk time on 3G networks and 15 days of