T-Mobile G1 Appears on Google Search Page

g1-hppT-mobileg1.jpgWatch out iPhone, the Google search page that usually has no advertising at all, now has a link that says, "New! The G1 phone is available now," with a link directly to all the aspects of Google on the phone and a direct link to T-Mobile and Android.

The photo is the same as the one that appears here.  With that much Google ad power behind the phone, buyers may skip over the reviews(which we reviewed in our Review of Reviews of the the T-Mobile G1 with Google) that noticed such foibles as the bottom lip that juts out, the quirky QWERTY keyboard and inability to sync with PCs. Reviewers have high hopes for the T-Mobile G1 with Google but not all the features, people want/need are currently installed on the T-Mobile G1 with Google. There have also been reports of a security flaw in the T-Mobile G1 with Google's web browser.