BlackBerry Storm Must-Have Accessories Add-Ons

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If you have been reading Wireless and Mobile News Coverage of the BlackBerry Storm that has ten more power features  than the iPhone and you are thinking you may buy the BlackBerry Storm, you might want to consider these accessories or add-ons to protect your investment and your sanity:

Screen/Body Scratch Protector - The BlackBerry Storm has a stunning screen that won't be so stunning if you keep it unprotected in your pocket or purse where it can be scratched by keys, money and other gizmos.  There's a screen and body protector with a warranty offered from ZAGG the invisibleSHIELD
that covers the entire body of the BlackBerry Storm and protects against scratches for the entire body, while it still fit in docks or other accessories.

Verizon is selling screen protectors and cases including a floral printed silicon cover, prices are not listed yet. Rubber outer cases in pink, red or blue as well the invsibleSHEILD are being sold at Best Buy. We are trying to find a nice looking waterproof case for sailors, beach goers and people who live in rainy places.

Holster -
hostlers prevent the BlackBerry Storm from falling off of things.  There are so many people who regret bending over the pool or the sink as they watched their expensive handheld wonder's power be washed away.

Bluetooh Headset - for people on the go who talk while driving a
Bluetooth headset is a must, check for the best deal when you buy the
BlackBerry Storm.

Authorized Car Charger - be sure to get car charger that is completely compatible so that it doesn't void your BlackBerry Storm warranty.

For music lovers- The BlackBerry Remote Stereo Gateway - this neat device streams music wirelessly to your home stereo system from your BlackBerry.

Accidental Damage and Theft  Insurance - the replacemnt cost of the BlackBerry Storm looks like its going to be $599, if the Storm gets lost in a storm, falls in the swimming pool, falls down the stairs, or God forbid it gets stolen. Accidental damage and fheft are the two most significant causes of smartphone loss. Safeware covers the BlackBerry Bold with a $50 deductible for $91.30 with enrollment fee included for the first year (BlackBerry Storm prices are not available yet.).

Or say you get a BlackBerry Storm off of eBay or in back alley....you can buy a third party warranty that covers accidental damage, (not theft) from SquareTrade.  80% of iPhone failures are due to accidental damage. Accidents can happen with BlackBerry Storms too.

Have we left anyting out?  Please post comments to let us know other BlackBerry Storm must-haves.

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