Cell Phone Fire Reminders Precautions

cellphoneonfire.jpgAs wild fires rage over Los Angeles, it is a good time to think about how to have your cell phone, phones and information ready in case of fire.

  • Be sure to keep your cell phone charged.
  • A car charger, battery booster or other form of charger such as a the fuel cell Medis 24-7 is good to have.  During a power outage its important to have another way to charge your cell phone.
  • Send text messages to save bandwidth - frequently during a disaster the cell tower traffic can get overloaded.  Sending text takes far less bandwidth and can notify your loved ones without tying up resources.
  • Store important numbers in your cell phone, you won't have time to look them up.
  • If your primary phone number is a landline, make sure you have phone that does not require power, a simple dial phone.  

Because you may not be able to carry a lot with you if you are evacuated, you can store your important documents on a USB drive or microSD card.  You should always store files off site by some method, in case a fire burns your computer.