More Power Features of BlackBerry Storm Part 2

BB_Storm_Verizon180pix.jpgThere's been such a blitz of media bout the BlackBerry Storm, we missed a few BlackBerry Storm features in our 10 power feature article:

The BlackBerry Storm can act as a tethered modem, only recommended if you have the unlimited data plan, many smartphone owners have been shocked when they get their bills for modem tethering.

One of our readers pointed out that the clickable keyboard could be a safety factor while driving because you can feel the keys. There's a problem with this theory, it's illegal in many states to text while driving.  The BlackBerry Storm manual clearly states "Research In Motion (RIM) recommends that you do not use the BlackBerry device while driving." Now using the BlackBerry Storm while walking the touch-sense could help as long as you are not looking at the screen, which is kind of hard to do with a touchscreen device.

You can download files from the web browser.  You can download files direclty from the web like you do on your computer with the BlackBerry Storm. This will come in handy for third party app stores and photograph downloading.

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