Verizon BlackBerry Storm Shortage? Ship Date Now 12/15

Thanks to one of our readers, Joe Place, it appears that quantities must be severely low for the BlackBerry Storm. Verizon's website now says that orders placed today for the BlackBerrry Storm will be shipped by December 15th.  That's a long wait and just barely makes it in time for Christmas.

We checked and the Verizon ordering website for the BlackBerry Storm says "Limited Availability Orders placed now will be shipped by 12/15."


Maybe the rumors are true that all the BlackBerry Storms had to be reloaded with operating systems. The OS version wasn't shipped on the the BlackBerry Storm. A security "issue," supposedly, made them downgraded to .65 which may have caused a delay. Or maybe this is all a ploy to make a shortage, frenzy and ruckus...who knows?

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