Verizon BlackBerry Storm's Missing Links in iPhone Genealogy

BlackBerryStormiPhone.jpgThe BlackBerry Storm has  more high-end capabilities compared to the iPhone. There are however, some features the BlackBerry Storm lacks in comparison to the iPhone 3G and most missed one according recent articles is:

Wi-Fi - why no Wi-Fi?  Because it's a phone and used a Verizon's 3G network. For some reason people love their Wi-Fi when other data network services are not available therefore Wi-Fi-aholics will not take to the BlackBerry Storm.

Other features iPhoners will miss in the BlackBerry Storm vs. iPhone debate are:

- although the BlackBerry Storm has a great media player, it is not an iPod.

Super Safari Browser
- the HTML web experience on the BlackBerry Storm is not completely PC or Mac.

2nd Generationess- the BlackBerry Storm is  the new kid on the block therefore glitches are still being worked out.

iPhone Apps Store - although there are many applications ready for the BlackBerry like most Apple services, iPhoners have fallen in love with the iPhone Apps Store.

Portratit & Landscape QWERTY - the BlackBerry Storm in portrait mode is a BlackBerry SureType keyboard with mutiple letters per key.

Non-Clicking Screen
- the iPhone screen is smooth with no feedback.  Touch typists respond to clicks and touchy-feely types may like the touch of the BlackBerrry Storm better.

Both phones however don't do well when exposed to moisture or combustible materials and are prone to accidental damage. Whatever your choice, you will have more functionality than anyone ever thought possible just a few years ago.

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