BlackBerry Storm Commercials in Different Styles Same Results

No matter what anyone says about the features of the BlackBerry Storm, it has become a world sensation even with its shortages and firmware fumbles. Many pundits have said that it has been over-hyped. In different parts of the world the commercials for the BlackBerry Storm are completely different and they too are experiencing shortages and difficulties getting them.

In the United States, Verizon commercials start off with a few features of the BlackBerry Storm and then pans out to the Verizon Network people in its commercials, selling the network.

In Canada, Telus is marketing the BlackBerry Storm as a "handy" device and also as great gift. 

In the United Kingdom, the BlackBerry Storm commercials have a lot of rock music and make the BlackBerry Storm look very trendy and way cool. The BlackBerry Storm also appears to come with a very handsome man, while in the U.S. and Canada we don't get to see the BlackBerry Storm user.

Maybe the the power of the BlackBerry Storm is that people make it what they want it to be. When something is new, the human imagination has no pre-conceived concept of what something is to them, so they make it be what they want in their imaginations.

Studies of the brains of iPhone owners and Macaholics show the same functions as people in religious groups reports Martin Lindstrom the author of "buy-ology Truth and Lies and Why We Buy."  Maybe the BlackBerry Storm phenomena is a subliminal biological brain chemical thing, or the BlackBerry Storm could also just have a heck of lot more features than the iPhone.

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