Car Runs Over Cell Phone It Still Works, Toy Yorkie Destroys BlackBerry

It was one of those days, I didn't notice that I dropped my purse. Then I felt a bump as I backed out of the garage. My cell phone was in the cell phone pocket on the front of the purse.

I drive a Geo Prizm which is a Toyota Corolla clone. Surprisingly, my cell phone still works except for there being a white pixel-less star in the middle of the phone screen. My eyeglasses survived with just a nick on the edge of a lense.

This morning we posted a video of a guy hitting a BlackBerry Storm with a knife, poker and keys, which caused no damage.

A toy Yorkie, however was able to completely destroy a BlackBerry Bold. The DJ at Boy Genius Report's Yorkie did just that. A dog's jaw can apply 320 pounds of pressure and the teeth are really sharp. Yes a Yorkie has more power and is sharper than knives, and keys.

What then did we learn from these facts?  Keep your purse with you, but be sure that you keep any kind of phone a way from terriers.