Free iPhone App for Searching Craigslist

Composite1.pngPheedYou, Inc is offering CraigSearch for free along with updates in the iTunes App

CraigSearch is compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch
devices.  It enables users to search for anything on Craigslist through an easy to use

The app also allows users to browse the results and refine searches until they find
exactly what you're looking for.

PheedYou is working on additional features such as saving searches,
alert notifications, ImageFlow for pictures attached to posts, and
adding countries and locations.

"We are really excited to have released CraigSearch, and the best stuff
is truly yet to come. The goal of releasing now is that we wanted users
to help direct where we go from here. Please keep the suggestions
flowing," said Chad Marcus.

After 12 days in the App Store, CraigSearch had to 20,000
downloads.For more information on PheedYou, please visit our website,