iPhone 3G Comes to Walmart

iphonefiftydolars.jpgToday, select Walmart stores will start selling iPhones for a $2.00 discount.

Recently, in our local Walmart,  we noticed that the cell phones, including the T-Mobile G1, were right next to the pink Hannah Montana designer doggie coats.  Next to the fluffy sparkly canine outerwear were DVDs of Spiderman with a free action figure.

The screen on the non-functioning T-Mobile G1 looked like a cartoon and it was strapped down with a plastic tie.  The surroundings made the G1 look cheap and chintzy.

There's a photo of an iPhone Walmart display that looks very nice at Boy Genius. It cuts out the area next to it.  Perhaps, it is next the Spiderman kids' table or the Hannah Montana pink and silver boats. How cute.

Note: In our recent research the absolute rock bottom price for an iPhone 3G is $50 for the 4GB refurb with the Wireless and Mobile News coupon-link. Sorry, Walmart.
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