Verizon BlackBerry Storm Update Fixes Power-Outs, Muted Audio, Headset Volume & Other Issues

verizonosverizonupdate.jpgWhile poking around the Verizon website we finally found exactly what the BlackBerry Storm update will do. This one appears to be a no-brainer and a must have.

Here Are the Glitches BlackBerry Storm Update Fixes:

  • Intermittently, the device may have powered and immediately powered back on while sitting idle or when using multimedia applications.
  • Intermittently, a user may have experienced muted incoming audio when using voice-activated dialing.
  • Intermittently, while listening to music (on low volume) with "wired" stereo headsets, if the user received an incoming call, the audio volume of the music increased to the highest level.
  • Intermittently, customers received a recording stating, "cannot complete call as dialed" when manually dialing

General Improvements in the BlackBerry Storm Update

  • Improvements in performance for multi-media applications such as video, music and MMS.
  • Improvements in Bluetooth audio performance.
  • Improvements in display performance in terms of correctly displaying keys when switching between landscape and
    portrait modes.

The web-based upgrade is recommended for those who don't have BlackBerry Desktop Manger installed.

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