Verizon to Release BlackBerry Storm Firmware Over The Air Update Soon

BlackBerry_Stormlittle.jpgBlackBerry Storm firmware updates from Verizon should be out soon.

The BlackBerry Storm operating system version that Verizon is releasing is which fixes the first stage of bugs and was leaked to CrackBerry and has been available from the RIM BlackBerry Storm update page (Please read our suggestions before trying to do it yourself, forum users found it tricky.

Chiris Ziegler at Engadget mobile wrote "That Verizon is officially releasing the tweaked firmware ahead of the weekend."  Boy Genius reports that Verizon will release over-the-air updates this afternoon.

The advantage of over-the-air firmware updates is that they are delivered through the wireless network directly to the phone. 

This is how it usually works:

  • Customers receive a message on their wireless phone saying that a new handset update is available and are give an option to accept the update.
  • Or customers are "pushed" an update and then are asked to "reset" or reboot their phone.
  • When the phone is rebooted after the update software is received, it may take seconds or minutes for the phone to process the update.

Later today we will be posted an interview with David Ginsburg, VP of Marketing at FOTA provider Innopath.

Just so you don't too excited, some forum members have predicted that this update could take awhile.

Bugs have been reported in the BlackBerry Storm since it was release two weeks, ago. This update supposedly helps with some problems but not all.  There is going to have to be another update after this one that fixes more errors.  The next update is really supposed to be worth waiting for.

Immediately following writing this article we wrote "Verizon BlackBerry Storm Update Officially Released Today, Over-the-Air Update Tonight."

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