Google Mobile Launches Product Ideas / Vote Page


Google is now offering a mobile Product Ideas page 
that allows readers to submit ideas that others can view and rate so you can see
what other Google mobile users think about it, too.

Product Ideas team will monitor ideas and write about them in the Google Mobile  Product Ideas blog as well as implement the best ideas.

Here are some of the top ideas as of today:

  1. "Manage Google Calendar on Google Mobile (add, update, delete an event with all functionalities of the web application) (ex Phone : Iphone)"
  2. "A "Google Product Ideas" for all google services."
  3. "An application that speaks the driving directions in google maps Usefull to use the phone as gps car navigator."
    Namberwuan, Europe
  4. "Mobile view of all type of documents in Google Docs"
  5. "Google Calendar sync with iPhone, just like Google Contacts and Gmail does now."
  6. "Real push mail available for all mobile users (not IMAP) including iPhone WindowsMobile phones, etc."

It's great that Google Mobile is listening, but in way aren't they are
asking their users to do the work and then they will reap the profits?

That's why we added, "If a Google Mobile ideas is implemented, idea submitter gets a percentage of the profits..."