National Federation of the Blind and Stevie Wonder Requested More Accessible Technolgy at CES


The National Federation of the Blind (NFB), States, exhibited at theinternational Consumer Electronics Show along with the Sendero Group

Stevie Wonder was also there to advocate more blind-friendly consumer electronics and mobile devices. Although he currently uses a BlackBerry, he can't use all electronic devices.

"As chips get smaller and things get cheaper, people don't always appreciate the significance of how a few very simple things can make a product accessible," said Wonder.

"There are ways to make the technology not only good for the blind but for everyone," he said, noting one of his producers started using a voice interface on a mixing board after seeing the him use the technology on other products."

Dr. Marc Maurer, President of the National Federation of the Blind, said:
"Many new consumer electronics and home appliances are designed with visual
displays and interfaces that make it extremely difficult and in some cases
impossible for the blind to use them independently. It is critical that blind
people have access to all features of mainstream products and technology with
the same ease of use as the sighted. The Consumer Electronics Show is an
important opportunity to reach out to manufacturers and encourage them to
create accessible products. Creating technology that is accessible to and
usable by blind people is not difficult, and it is essential if the blind are
to be independent, productive citizens."