Palm Pre Integrates GPS, Calendar, and Email

Investor Roger McNamee of Elevation Partners that invested in Palm is very enthusiastic regarding the Palm Pre. The video from Yahoo Tech Ticker shows some amazing aspects of the new Palm Pre. The biggest barrier to mobile content was the lousy platform. John Rubenstein told McNamee it was next big thing. It's different from every other device ont he market.

He notes that most peoples' lives don't move around music player or corporate email. He says Palm Pre will start a whole new era on how smartphones are used. He refers to CES and the Palm Pre as a "Sally Field moment."

He notes that there's no save in an Apple iPhone without a keyboard.  The BlackBerry doesn't give good web but great corporate. The previous smartphones were PC applications shrunk down to smartphone size.

The Palm Pre takes contacts in Linked-In Google, Facebook it enters them all the same place, recognizes them and mergers.

The Plam Pre OS can take a calendar, download maps for the whole day, visit wikipedia for people you have to visit. It can also

"When you're late it -- remember, this things has GPS, it has a clock, and it has your calendar. So it not only knows where you are, it knows where you're supposed to be and when; and so when it realizes you're going to be late, it says "Hey, not only are you going to be late, but I can take care of it for you. I'll send an email to your assistant or to the people in the meeting, which would you prefer? And oh, by the way, here's the map. To us this is the beginning of a new wave."

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