RIM Fixes PDF & Attachment Vulnerabilty in BlackBerry Enterprise and Professional

whitehouseblackberry.jpgDear President-Elect Barack Obama,

The security flaw with PDF files and attachment services on BlackBerry enterprise services has been fixed by RIM.  If you still want to keep your BlackBerry tell your IT staff to update and upgrade either the BlackBerry Enterprise Server or BlackBerry Professional Software.

vulnerabilities were found in the PDF distiller of some released versions of
the BlackBerry Attachment Service. These vulnerabilities could enable a
malicious individual to send an email message containing a specially
crafted PDF file, which when opened for viewing on a BlackBerry
smartphone, could cause memory corruption and possibly lead to
arbitrary code execution on the computer that hosts the BlackBerry
Attachment Service.

Research In Motion
(RIM) has issued an interim security software update that resolves the
vulnerability in affected versions of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server
and BlackBerry Professional Software.

To Download and install Interim
Security Update 2 for the software version that you are running.

For BlackBerry Enterprise Server

Visit http://www.blackberry.com/go/serverdownloads to obtain Interim Security Update 2 for affected BlackBerry Enterprise Server software versions.

For BlackBerry Professional Software<

>Visit http://na.blackberry.com/eng/support/downloads/#tab_professional to obtain Interim Security Update 2 for affected BlackBerry Professional Software versions.

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