BlackBerry Storm Free App of the Day: Slacker Radio for BlackBerry Storm

Slacker Radio is now offering a free Slacker Mobile application for the BlackBerry
smartphone. You can listen to over 100 expert-programmed stations and an unlimited number of listener generated stations whether you are connected to a network or not.

Slacker app, optimized for the BlackBerry Storm’s unique touch screen and works in portrait and landscape modes. The app shows detailed artist bios and album reviews for each song.


Slacker station caching, an exclusive feature for BlackBerry smartphones,
enables listeners to store favorite stations on a memory card, allowing the
Slacker Mobile application to play without a network connection, reducing
battery life consumption by up to 5 times that of streaming playback. In addition, BlackBerry Stormers can enjoy Slacker Personal Radio while doing other tasks such as
emailing, instant messaging or web browsing.

The following specs are recommended to listen to Slacker Radio:

  • Data Plan (An unlimited Data Plan is recommended for streaming)
  • Streaming stations play only in the United States
  • SD Card with 500 MB of free memory required if caching stations

How to Download/Install Slacker Radio

  1. Visit www.slacker.com using the web browser on your BlackBerry smartphone to get started.
  2. Slacker.com will automatically take you to the BlackBerry
    download page. Click the download button and follow the onscreen
  3. Storing your Stations Storing Slacker radio
    stations on your phone allows the music to play anytime, even when not
    connected to a wireless network. To store the music, you must have a
    memory card in the Micro SD slot.

The Slacker Mobile application works with the
free Slacker Basic Radio service, along with Slacker Radio Plus and Slacker
Premium Radio subscription offerings.

“The Slacker Mobile application for the BlackBerry Storm offers an
engaging and intuitive mobile listening experience that takes full advantage
of its unique features,” said Dennis Mudd, CEO of Slacker. “With an intuitive
touch screen interface as well as station caching, BlackBerry Storm owners can
now easily enjoy their favorite music wherever they go.”

Slacker Personal Radio, available online at http://www.Slacker.com,
enables listeners to personalize over 100 professionally programmed stations
or create, edit and share their own Personal Radio stations. Slacker listeners
also have easy access to artist profiles, album reviews and cover art on the
web, with the Slacker G2 portable and now on the BlackBerry Storm smartphone.

Slacker Mobile for the BlackBerry Storm offers:

  • Free music library featuring millions of songs.
  • Optimized for Storm Touch Screen operation.
  • Works in portrait and landscape modes.
  • High-quality stereo playback from cached stations and all streamin wireless connections.
  • Over 100 professionally programmed genre stations.
  • Create custom artist stations Station caching for music playback anywhere, greatly improved batterylife and accelerated application performance
  • Multi-tasking - listen to music while doing email.
  • View artist biographies and photos.
  • PView album art and reviews”Peek Ahead” artist and album preview.
  • Pause and skip songs.
  • Rate songs as favorites.
  • Ban songs and artists you don’t like.

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