Free BlackBerry (Storm, Curve, Bold, Pearl 8700) App of the Day: SMS2Desk

cortado-sms2desk.jpgCompatible with most e-mail programs, SMS2Desk from Cortado,  BlackBerry smartphone users have text messages are converted into e-mails.

The application converts text messages to e-mail so that BlackBerry smartphone users
can read and reply to text messages as e-mails, both on their
smartphone and when accessing their e-mail on a computer (PC, Mac or
laptop). The Cortado press release says, "The convenience of converting e-mail and text message
communication allows users to work more efficiently and with greater

Their website says the program lets users:

  • Conveniently send and receive text messages on your PC or laptop through your e-mail program.
  • Reply to text messages directly from your e-mail program.
  • Organize your text messages as efficiently as your e-mails.
  • Integrate your SMS communication into Microsoft Outlook, IBM Lotus Notes, GroupWise, or any other e-mail programs .

Dirk Löwenberg, Business Director Cortado Services, said "Even when your smartphone is still in your pocket, SMS2Desk users can
receive and answer text messages on their computer. Never miss a text
message again!"

The SMS2Desk application is compatible with the following BlackBerry
smartphones: BlackBerry 8700, BlackBerry Curve series, BlackBerry
Pearl series, BlackBerryBold and BlackBerry Storm. More
information can be found at www.cortado.com/sms2desk.

There is also a premium version with more features available for a fee.

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