Palm Pre Mojo E-Book Available for Developers

quicklauncbarpalmpre.pngUsers of the European UMTS version of
the Palm Pre will be able to surf the web while making a phone call at
the same time, something that
Americans won't be able to do with the U.S. version.

There will be a custom app for the Palm Pre from MySpace. There will be Flash player for the Palm Pre which will come out after the device, which could be sent Over-The-Air.

Information about the basic Pre's development platform, Mojo, is available in an e-book chapter at There appears to be widgets build into the interface as well as simple ways to implement gesture controls.

"Palm webOS is unlike any mobile platform available today," said Mitch
Allen, vice president and software chief technology officer, Palm, Inc.
"Because it leverages several industry-standard web technologies,
including CSS, HTML and JavaScript, it enables them to build native
JavaScript applications and provides a rich open development
environment that's familiar to tens of millions of web developers. I'm
excited to be working with O'Reilly to show the developer community
just how easy and satisfying it is to develop applications for webOS."

There will be a webcast for developers on February 25. To fee to access the entire book is $17.99.