Best Cheapest Deal of the Day: LG Vu Free w/NCAA from A&TT with Coupon-Link


AT&T has slashed the price of the LG Vu to $49.99 with a rebate and is running a special promotion for and including exclusive coverage of all 60 March Madness NCAA games for free. For NCAA fans who need their game news and wat to watch the games where ever they go this is the best cheapest deal around. When you use the Wireless and News $50 off online only coupon-link  and the LG Vu is virtually free

They call the LG Vu sleek and advanced.. " It's the touchscreen that everyone can afford to touch."  Where the LG Vu really shines is for TV viewing and touchscreen.  Reviews were positive for this touchscreen feature phone.  It was first phone offered from AT&T that was compatible wit the fast 3G data network. The web viewing is decent but not as PC-like as the iPhone. The LG Vu has a sideloable music player.

The only thing the LG Vu lacks is business contact syncronization and only supports P0P3 and Gmail email types..  However, we've bee told that in the next few months there will be an open source third party applciation that will cloud-sync contacts on the web.

If live TV is your thing then the LG Vu is for you, it even has picture in picture for browsing TV shows.

Use the Wireless and Mobile News $50 off online only coupon-link  and the LG Vu is virtually free. Wirefly has some great deals with the LG Vu CU920 Red Wine and LG Vu CU920 Black for free with a new account and contract.

Thumbnail image for bnr_ncaaWatchTheGames.jpgHere's the fine print for all the deals:

Get two FREE months of AT&T Mobile TV, $15/mo. thereafter. Offer
valid for new subscriptions on AT&T Mobile TV Basic plan only.
Offer valid for new in-store and on-line subscriptions of AT&T
Mobile TV Basic Plan only from 2/8/09 - 4/6/09. Offer not valid when
subscribing from the phone. Wireless service and compatible phone
required. You must cancel within 60 days or be automatically subscribed
at a cost of $15 per month. You can cancel from the "Subscription
Manager" on the Mobile TV guide on the phone or by calling
Data Unlimited Bundle required to view video clips

When we looked today online and they are temporarially out of stock for now. When these promotions start there is usually a run on product, but it worth checking back.