BlackBerry App World (formerly Application Storefront) Open for Notifications

bgbackworld.jpgRIM has named its application storefront, "BlackBerry App World."  The website suggests BlackBerry users sign up
for BlackBerry App World today.

They claim that BlackBerry App World will personalize BlackBerry smartphones with games, social networks,
personal productivity applications and so much more.

Here is the link to register  for BlackBerry App World to know when it is available. Users will have to have a PayPal account to buy apps.

The developers website has been updated with more information.  Prices will be free and lowest priced app will be $2.99, prices will go up by a dollar from $2.99 to
$19.99. Then prices increase in increments of $10, from $19.99
to $99.99 and so on. The maximum price for an app from the BlackBerry
App World is $999.99.

It has been suggested that the pricing system will keep out cheap "junk" apps. Themes will not be available for sale.

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