Deal of the Day: Free BlackBerry Bold Refurb Package from AT&T


We heard that there was a great BlackBerry Bold Deal from AT&T but it was kind of hard to find.

This truly is the best cheapest deal of the day for a super smartphone (BlackBerry Bold) with great reviews, and data speeds higher than the iPhone. The BlackBerry Bold has a QWERTY keyboard, Wi-Fi, 2 megapixel camera, great screen and 3G access.

Here 's how you can get the BlackBerry Bold refurbished for free.

It does take some clicking around. Here's the tour:

refrubtab.jpgGo to the  AT&T website, on the right hand side of the page, click on Shop Cell Phone Deals and Packages, by the arrow that says "Shop deals and packages.

On the View menu on upper left hand corner, click on "Refurbished Packages." Then sort by price Low to High. sortbylowhigh.jpg

The Free BlackBerry Bold Refurbished Package appears in the number two spot.

The Free BlackBerry Bold Refurb Package requires a two-year contract and new activation. 

blackberryboldrefurb.jpgYou do have to add a special feature such as data with a minimum of $30 a month.  The cheapest plan combo on the BlackBerry Bold Refrubished Package totals $69.99 a month excluding taxes.

The BlackBerry BoldRefurbished with out the package is $199.

NOTE: Mail-In rebates are not valid on refurbished equipment.

Refurbished phones are previously owned devices that have been repaired
by a factory-authorized provider to the same functional requirements as
a new device. AT&T backs this product with its standard 30-day
return period as well as a 90-day warranty on the phone and

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