Free iPhone and BlackBerry (Storm) App of the Day: SitOrSquat Toilet-Finder


Before you have to download, we suggest you download the SitOrSquat app for your iPhone or BlackBerry. We've named it the BlackBerry, BlackBerryStorm and the iPhone Free App of the Day because, we all need to find restrooms on-the-go. SitOrSquat helps users to find
bathrooms, changing tables, handicap access and other amenities with their smartphone or SMS.

Charmin announced, today, that is sponsoring the "SitOrSquat" website, iPhone and Blackberry toilet-locator

If you can't download the apps,  you can also get restroom info via text. Text message the word "sitorsquat" to DOTCOM (368266) and follow the instructions to find the closest bathroom to you.

For BlackBerry Storm users, the good news is when you are really in a hurry SitOrSquat BlackBerry Storm uses GPS and already knows where you are when you need the potty.

Click Here to Download for BlackBerry STORM
Click Here to Download for any BlackBerry 4.2 and above (Curve, 8800, most Pearls, etc)

At first we were excited by the this app, but when we looked on the map in our area, unfortunately, some of our faves in a hurry were not there. Because it is a wiki project it relies on users for information. It does list all the Starbucks and Barnes & Noble locations.  However, our insider informant knows that the Barnes and Noble in Old Pasadena no longer allows customers to use their restrooms because it was too busy.  Maybe if Charmin offers the restroom providers free T.P. that might sweeten the deal.

MizPee public restroom-locator service, has a mobile link and has been around longer, which may make it easier for find a pit-stop. Miz Pee includes McDonald's and Staples. Since the coverage is totally complete, our editor always recommends asking the nearest person and heading for a supermarket.

The jokes and puns we could have made with this story were "Please don't squeeze the Charmin, squeeze your iPhone, when you need a bathroom."  "More cush for your tush, reviews on your mobile." If you can think of any more, please feel free to comment.  Bathroom humor encouraged...

Ad Age Headline: "Charmin Shows BlackBery, iPhone Users Where to Go When They Gotta Go."

Fierce Mobile Content, started its story with "Talk about your crappy iPhone apps..."

How about this headline for Twitter -- "T.P. SitOrSquat BBF 4 iPhone BB & Txt."

This is the first time that a toilet paper brand has partnered with
a downloadable mobile application. The SitOrSquat iPhone and Blackberry
application offer the world's first Wiki for recording and accessing
bathroom information globally.  The application's users are responsible to add content to the
service and provide feedback when they've used one of the featured
toilets. To date, SitOrSquat has over 52,000 toilets in 10 countries

"SitOrSquat is a perfect partner for Charmin," says Jacques
Hagopian. "Charmin understands how difficult it can be for families to
find clean public restrooms when they're out and about and this
partnership allows us to continue to help consumers."

Since the SitorSquat service launched, over 1,600 users have
downloaded the application and the SitOrSquat has over 500,000 unique
visitors to date.

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