Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Will Be Tech-Savvy: Palm Pre Guest?


The new Late Night with Jimmy Fallon may be a beacon for gamers, mobile social networkers, uber-geeks and technoholics. Gavin Purcell former producer of G4's Attack Of The Show and now co-producer of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon says he will use the latest tech for the show

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon which premieres Monday night already has launched webisodes online.

Purcell said in an interview that his team was trying to get the Palm people on the show to show the Palm Pre.

Fallon said in an interview,  "I'm interested in tech, and I'm interested in gadgets. I want tech people to come on my show, whether it's Bill Gates or the guy who designed the new Palm Pre, to talk about new inventions."

When Jimmy Fallon was asked what will separate his show from other late night show choices, at press conference he answered, "We're younger, we're into, like, tech stuff, gadgets, phones, video games. We'll treat a video-game premiere like a movie premiere. I'm just going to be honest with what I do, what I enjoy."

EDITORS NOTE: As far as we can tell there is no "one guy" who designed the Palm Pre.  The most entertaining televangelist for the Palm Pre is Roger McNamee, in two videos he waxes poetic about the almost physic functionality of the Palm Pre and why he invested in the company. Another important person in the development of the Palm Pre was Jon Rubenstein who came from Apple to revamp the Palm device and OS. Mitch Allen is best at discussing the webOS operating system in the webinar.

Jimmy uses Twitter and Facebook, these social networking tools
will be integrated into the show and promotions. There are comedy bits
about Facebook already written.  Jimmy Fallon is on Twitter, Facebook, myspace and flckr.

plasticpickel.jpgThere is will be a companion blog site that will be its own destination.The show  uses Skye for two way video conferencing.

Jimmy Fallon attended the Consumer Electronics show and told AP reporters:

the street -- I'm not kidding -- was the Adult Entertainment Expo." So he
fired a text message to his followers on Twitter. "I said, 'There's got
to be some great jokes about this. Give 'em to me!' And in about a
minute I had hundreds. Like: 'I got a coupon to double my RAM, and I
don't know which place to use it.'

In a interview with Lorne Michaels, Lorne says, "If it doesn't work, just blame it on the economy!."

To show how humor has changed through the years, Conan O'Brien received a giant plastic pickle from his predecessor which Jimmy accepted from Conan on his video blog with glee.

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