Palm Pre Webcast Preview Reveals Plans and Some Features

The Palm Pre webcast, today, didn't reveal much more about the features Palm Pre. They did answer some questions and detail plans available from Sprint. The Palm Pre is still on target for the first half of this year and it launched is highly-anticipated.
palmprekeyboardhorizontal.jpgMost Sprint apps will be available on the Palm Pre, NFL, Nascar, Navigation. music will be
a little different. The Touchstone conductive wireless charging dock will be available from Sprint.

The calling plans available with the Palm Pre from Sprint will have to include data:

There will be a 450 minute ($69.99), 900 minute ($89.99) or
unlimited plans ($99.99). Families can choose from 1500 minutes
($129.99), 3000 minutes ($169.99) or unlimited plans ($189.99).
Business customers may  pool their minutes together
using about five different plans. They don't want people signing up for
voice-only plans because of unexpected data fees.

Palm will continue to make Windows Mobile devices such as the Palm Treo
Pro. There is no expansion slot on the Palm Pre due to the curved
design and space limitations.

There will be a Palm Pre app store. The Palm Pre will support stereo Bluetooth, so all  Bluetooth
speaker docks and headphones will work with the Palm Pre.

will offrer their ReadyNow device training to Palm Pre customers for
free. The name "Pre" was so-called for anticipation.

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