Verizon to Sell Mini Netbook HP Mini 100

HP MIni 100.jpgBrenda Rainey, Verizon spokeswoman said Saturday that Verizon will be selling
3G-enabled netbooks by the end of the second quarter, or by June. She did did not disclose the make or model.

Boy Genius Reports revealed that it is the HP Mini 100 which usually sells for around $329 will be sold by Verizon.

The HP Mini will have, EV-DO Rev A and run on Windows XP Home edition.  The  netbook was approved by Verizon
Wireless on March 24th.  It is expected to sell for $99 with a 2 year contract.

HP Mini is available with an 8.9" or 10.1" diagonal display, weighs
only 2.25 lb., and has a nearly full sized keyboard.

Wireless broadband is usually capped and causes problems for unknowing owners . One guy got a $28,000 bill for watching a Bears game while an attorney is suing AT&T after getting a $5,000 wireless broadband bill. Wireless networks cap data usage, and then charge by the kilobyte and well watching a video could cost a lot.