Palm Pre Pricing @ $150? YouTube App and Super Hero


The Palm Pre, Sprint's holy grail competitor to the iPhone, really should be on TMZ because of the rumors about Palm's new super-synergy smartphone with keyboard, multi-tasking and a whole new syncing way of social networking.

There has been another  celebrity sigting of the Palm Pre was on Twitter. Some one showed the Palm Pre running  YouTube. Then it was pulled down. (Remember beta testers have to sign a non-dislosure agreement.) In the past, a beta tester revealed his Palm Pre thoughts on twitter and then made them private. Some think that the YouTube app is Sprints work but the ability to view videos on the Palm Pre does make sense.

Then we still have the pricing rumors about the Palm Pre, flying around and the latest price point is $150 to beat out any iPhone. Market analysts at Credit Suisse predict the Palm Pre price will. be $150 with contract.

In a funny video on YouTube, the Palm Pre has a Batman style fight with the iPhone, and picks on the iPhone for not being able to cut and paste. Parents note there is one "F" swear word in the video.  Turn off the volume during the fight.  Cut and paste, however will be in the iPhone's next OS out in June.

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