Palm Pre, Widgets and NOW Data for Sprint's e-Ads

palmpre sprint now.jpgSprint launched a series of customized online ads showcasing  its Now Network. They feature the Palm Pre and Twitter Bird as well as a slew of data about what's going on now.

An electronic female voice says all kinds of spacey things like "This
point in time will self destruct now.  Please keep your hands inside
the moment at all times.  In the last second your hair grew
five-millionths of an inch. Now you see it now you don't. You heart is beating now and now and now."

These e spots offer interactive homepage
takeovers tailored to the specific audiences of marquee sites, beginning
with Yahoo! today and expanding to AOL,,,,
CNET, and YouTube throughout the following week.

The campaign also
includes custom placements on MySpace, Pandora, Gawker, and, all of which feature ad banners containing feeds of
readership-tailored data from the Sprint Now Network.

twitter birds.jpgThrough a string of online placements, Internet surfers will be
encouraged to engage with advertisements for example,
YouTube's homepage takeover will feature a user-generated clock where
users can film themselves for three seconds while holding up a
pre-assigned number, serving as a digit on the Now Clock. Other notable
widgets include a Twitter word search that lets you create your own
flock of Twitter birds, Now e-cards that self-destruct after one second,
and tiny construction workers chirping on their Nextel Direct Connect
phones with a counter showing how many people are using those phones
right now.

"These online media partnerships reach audiences with relevant and
entertaining information while providing an interactive experience that
is unattainable with traditional advertising," said Mike Goff, vice
president of national advertising, Sprint. "In today's world, you can
get virtually anything you want in real time, which is what life on the
Sprint Now Network is all about."

The campaign creative is focused on three themes:

  • Entertainment: Music and social networking sites along with search
    portals will feature data about spray tans, movie tickets, and even
    the amount of plastic surgeries happening right now, as well as the
    number of videos uploaded on the Now Network.
  • Business: Financial and business news sites will include a Wall Street
    ticker that displays whether the past minute has been bullish or
    bearish, facts about the amount of money being spent online, and how
    many people are checking stocks using their Sprint phones. There is
    also a visual representation of the cost of living that compares
    cities - for example, New York to Topeka, Kan.
  • Sports: For sports sites, featured data will update visitors on the
    weather or the cost of a hot dog and a soda at Bristol Motor Speedway,
    Daytona International Speedway, Heinz Field and Lucas Oil Stadium, and
    facts about the number of people checking stats on NASCAR Sprint Cup

Additional campaign elements include added features and functionality to
the interactive Sprint
Now Network
site and an expansive out-of-home initiative rolling out
this summer.

The Sprint Now Network is more than just a physical network; it features
America's most dependable 3G network,* the largest
push-to-talk community, and the only national carrier to offer wireless
4G services and award-winning phones and devices, including the
most-anticipated wireless product of the year - the Palm Pre.
Additionally, last April, Sprint revolutionized data plans with an
all-inclusive price plan, Simply Everything®, which
eliminated the fear of overages. Also, Sprint's Ready Now in-store
customer service shows people one on one how to get the most out of
their wireless experience.