The Hubbub on the Verizon Hub: How the Verizon Hub Works Why Buy It?


The Verizon Hub is a phone center with a video screen, that uses broadband access for many multimedia and wireless features such as text, multimedia messages, photos and news.

The Verizon Hub also has computer-like features such as calendar, video views. It is not a landline phone but uses  VOIP that connects via your broadband internet connection for phone calls to any kind of phone.

The Verizon Hub can contribute to decor because when not used as phone, it acts as digital photo frame (which usually costs around $100). To get the Verizon Hub you must have a Verizon Wireless account already. You get your choice of phone number regardless of area code.

The Verizon Hub has a touchscreen, cordless handset, speaker phone, visual voice mail, caller ID and call waiting. It also features Anonymous Call Rejection, so that it automatically rejects incoming calls marked as anonymous. These features are included in the monthly service plan.

You can access the information on the Verizon Hub from the web at work or anywhere you can connect to the web.

The Verizon Hub has visual voice-mail so that lets you choose which voice mail messages to listen to, You can set it up so that incoming calls will automatically switch to your cell phone--or any other phone.Users can access Verizon Wireless services,such as VZ Navigator (which is included in the service for free), Chaperone and VCast entertainment.

The Verizon Hub connects to your home internet connection either via a ethernet cable or Wi-Fi. A new DSL or cable modem and/or router may be required if you don't already have a router.

Verizon Hub owners will get an upgrade within a few weeks, enabling
a "widget bazaar" for more programs in the future. The first widgets
coming are an improved Internet radio client with 42 stations, a recipe
application, a photo viewer, horoscopes, plus Sudoku and puzzle games.
Verizon is also looking at adding MySpace and Facebook apps for the Hub.

The current version of the Verizon Hub does not support direct web browsing, while future versions are expected to be larger and have direct web access.

Verizon heavily promoted the Verizon Hub at CTIA Wireless and is
showing TV commercials for it. Some reasons to buy it
include unlimited calling, and cell phone forwarding, if you currently
don't have a landline and already have a broadband connection. It is
also handy for parents who need to text their kids from home. The visual voice mail feature could save a lot of time listening to unwanted messages. Annonymous call rejection would hlep keep away the car warranty and sales calls. It is a lot easier for an entire family to share information Verizon Hub phone.

Service costs 34.99 a month for unlimited calls to the U.S. and Canada and Unlimited messaging to Verizon Wireless customers only. The Verizon Hub costs $199 after a mail in rebate or you use the Wireless and Mobile News' coupon-link for an  Instant Rebate Only Available with Online Purchase it includes free shipping.