BlackBerry Storm Free App of the Day: Fee Finder (Calculator)

FeeFinder225x300.pngIf you are looking to buy a house, car, or are dinning out here is free app for you: Fee Finder for the BlackBerry Storm. Fee Finder is a free app that calculates auto payments, mortgages and tips quickly and easily.

Features of BlackBerry Storm Fee Finder include:

  • Three separate calculators - auto, mortgage, and tip.
  • Easily re-calculate changes by updating the input variable(s).
  • Input entry is restricted to a numeric keypad eliminating the need to manually switch to a numeric keyboard for number entry.

The auto estimator includes estimated selling price and trade-in value. While the home mortgage calculator inlcudes estimated APR and property taxes. The tip estimates are based on the percentage you input.

For OTA download click here. Your can learn more at the product page.


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