BlackBerry Storm Update Out This Sunday, May 31

storm-os-470148.jpgVerizon has confirmed today, that they will release a software update to RIM BlackBerry Storm owners starting on Sunday.

BlackBerry Storm
update version will be available to customers beginning on Sunday, May 31 at 12 p.m., PST on the BlackBerry's support site. The update will also be available over the air from your BlackBerry Storm by going to Options> Advanced Options > Wireless Updates. Verizon Wireless will also be rolling this
update out to customers through an over-the-air download beginning
Sunday night (7pm Pacific Time.)

From leaked versions and reports this version adds a portrait keyboard and a phone icon. It should put an end to freezes and unexpected resets. Improvements have been made to the camera/photo, volume/sound, multimedia and auto-screen rotation.

Along with the fixed bugs in  which includes over 30 enhancements and gets rid of more bugs than a can of Raid and, version has been reported to offer these improvements:

  • In general is a stronger build with fewer problems including random re-starts.
  • The home screen is also more responsive.
  • Screen lock key now works.
  • Faster photo browsing is more like the iPhone
  • Repairs glitch in some cases where when using a wired headset while on a call, you may not have been able to change the audio path to handset or speakerphone.
  • Blank screen no longer appears on some calls.
  • Missing caller ID while in the middle of voice call glitch is now fixed.
  • Corrects problems with camera view finder.
  • Custom profile preview sounds now play during try.
  • Changes in camera color now save properly.
  • Fix problem with keyboard not appearing properly when
  • Fixed problem with freeze during incoming call.
  • The volume level will not change when an incoming email comes in while music is playing at full volume.
  • Prevention of the condition where when the battery was low, the connection to the wireless network was turned off. When the Storm is plugged into charger it will reconnect to the network

Observation of fixed bugs in,

  • Faster/better screen rotation.
  • Faster (no lag) in clicking through menus and folders.
  • Faster unlocking and not can click on any button to unlock.
  • There appears to be a delay in locking.
  • When typing messages the font is smaller and seems less "laggy."
  • Camera appears faster.
  • Web browser loads faster.
  • Accessing multimedia and music is very snappy and plays immediately.
  • No more unexpected resets.
  • Images no longer distort when Storm is removed from holster and rotated.
  • Errors no longer appear during music playing.
  • Better touch recognition.
  • Incoming messages don't effect volume.
  • End of resets while using video camera.
  • Photos appear correct in MMS.
  • Less memory leakage with third party apps.
  • Keypad key rate remains same after update. Fixes (Summary) Read original article for all bug fixes:

  • Faster start to MP3 playing.
  • Better OTA updates when media card is removed.
  • Improved capability in auto off/on functionality for connecting to wireless networks when turning back on.
  • A Phone icon was added to the home screen.
  • Volume consistency across applications and calls has been improved.
  • The Calendar application when selecting "go to date,"  is faster.
  • Streaming video content is now supported when the URLs are longer than 512 characters.
  • LED comes on during charging.
  • Storm stays in portrait mode when it is unlocked in portrait mode.
  • Improved photo functionality.

And there's even more, which would just be easier to do than write.Now we can finally say that you should download this update, because it will be supported by RIM/BlackBerry and Verizon.  Of course, we were hoping that it would have come out on May first, May Day, so people would not have to scream May Day when they experienced the glitches.

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