Palm Pre News : Business and Gesture Details


This weekend has been a great weekend for official  Palm Pre
documents to be leaked analyzed and reported.  After we showed you, yesterday, the best features of the Palm Pre from Sprint, we heard about these leaked documents. The business launch guide shows some interesting details and the gesture guide gives insight into how the Palm Pre works with gestures.

The Palm Pre gesture guide shows gestures that  are very intuitive and natural.  A quick flick with the fingers will minimize a card. A quick swipe to the left in the gesture area will put you back a level in an app. To close an app in card view you can throw the card off the top of the screen.. You can scroll down the screen with your finger. To zoom in, you place two fingers together and move them apart. To zoom out, put two fingers apart and move them together. A tap will get you the cursor in the text box.

The business launch guide touts the Palm Pre's useful business
features, from Palm Synergy, to multi-tasking to Universal Search - that
will make business users more productive. They claim the Palm Pre is the first phone that adapts to the way
you want to work.

For the security conscious,  the Palm Pre has a remote erase feature, available at launch. Just log into
your Palm Profile web page to wipe the data off the smartphone before it gets in the wrong hands.

There are special Palm Pre events planed included a New York Executive Breakfast, Sprint Retail Launch Events at 10 Sprint Flagship Stores and an Invitation Only Hollywood Event (Palm Event) on June 3.


The part we find most interesting is the comparison chart above.  The Palm Pre from Sprint-only has all these features lacking on  the iPhone, BlackBerry Storm and T-Mobile G1, layered contacts, integrated TV, exclusive NASCAR content, Live TV, Everything Plan and Sprint Ready Now help.  The BlackBerry Storm is the only device besides the Palm Pre with a flash, and the only other device with a keyboard is the T-Mobile G1. Notice how they Palm Pre is not associated with their carrier Sprint,  but the iPhone has AT&T, the BlackBerry Storm has Verizon and T-Mobile is before G1.  T

What synchronization capabilities are available with the Pre?
• Calendar and Contacts Sync
• 2-way synchronization of EAS calendar events and EAS Contact supported
• Create/Update Calendar events on-the-go; contact meeting attendees with last-minute changes
• GAL Support - Global address lookup support through e-mail and contacts apps
• Inviting attendees to a meeting from the device is currently not supported
• 2-way synchronization of tasks
What document support will be available with the Pre?
• Dataviz Docs-to-Go shipping in ROM. Document viewing capabilities for Word, Excel, PowerPoint.

The guide  also shows the various accessories beside the
Touchstone Pluck the Palm Micro-USB Vehicle Power Charger for $31.99, a
Premium Holster for $24.99, Palm Micro-USB Travel Charger
Leather Pouch ($39.99) and Phone Covers ZCP1098R $29.99

They note note that not all USB chargers are the same and suggest only the chargers compatible with the Palm Pre.

As we reported before new customers: must be provisioned on one of
the bundled voice/message/data plans and can not purchase voice onl.,

Corporate customers will not have rebate hassles. Business Essentials voice only or other legacy plans
Flat rate pricing is available to Corporate Liable accounts
(100+ lines) with the Palm Pre Flat Rate Price: $199.99

Business switchers will also get a deal and will get a hundred dollar credit. There is a $100 Port-In Offer
From 5/1 - 6/30, any Corporate Liable customers who
switches their wireless service to Sprint Nextel and activates
on any device will receive a $100 service credit, for each line
of service, on their monthly invoice.

The full business Palm Pre launch details can downloaded in full here.

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