Free BlackBerry (Storm) App of the Day: I Love BlackBerry BlackBerry Addiction Tester

I_Love_BlackBerry.jpgWe are sorry to report that the new BlackBerry Storm update has not been pushed out to all you anticipating BlackBerry Storm users.  We went over to the Verizon store where the rep told us "The end of April beginning of May," and they denied ever knowing a date for the release, "We're not allowed to give out that information."

We made a few more calls to Verizon stores and someone blurted out May 11, which is not a Friday. Friday is the "D" day for updates, because they don't want to tie up the business networks. Who knows what's going on over Verizon. 

In the meantime, if you want to see how much you really love your BlackBerry there is a free app from smartphone outsourcing developers, EarlySail, called "I Love BlackBerrry" that works on most recent BlackBerry smartphones including the BlackBerry Storm (its best to use the OTA download for the Storm.)

The I Love BlackBerry app shows how much "quality time" you spend with your BlackBerry. The app will show your usage during work hours and during
nights and weekends. It organizes your daily, weekly, monthly usage for
the current period as well as displays long term averages.

can share your current usage via email with a friend for now, and the next
generation of this application will let you compare your usage with
that of your friends and colleagues.

"People love the I Love BlackBerry app," said an EarlySail spokesman, "They have always suspected that they are addicted to BlackBerry .
This is the first app that helps them quantify how much they use it. 
There's a a competitive aspect of it, also. People send their data to
their friends to compare who loves their BlackBerry more."

BlackBerry addicts, you now have app to show how addtcted you are to
your BlackBerry and you can also show your friends that you have a
bigger "CrackBerry" addiction then they do. You might call I Love
BlackBerry a drug test for BlackBerry junkies. When we spoke to
Early Sail on Friday, we were told there have been over 10,000
downloads of the app in the first few days.

We named I Love BlackBerry our Free BlackBerry App of the Day, because well we love BlackBerry so much more than you do...

Download Options for I Love BlackBerry (Requires BlackBerry OS version
4.3 or higher is required)

  1. Download Over the Air (OTA) via BlackBerry® Browser
  2. Email download instructions to your BlackBerry Email (easiest)
  3. Download to your PC for Cradle Sync


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