Palm Pre News 2Day: Sprint Employees Fired, FAQ & Bell

0_63_palm_pre_horz.jpgPalm, announced that Palm Pre will be sold in
Canada exclusively on Bell Mobility's 3G high-speed mobile network in
the second half of 2009. There is still no word on the official release of the Palm Pre in the United States from Sprint. 

The Sprint Business Unit employees are doing online training for the Palm Pre.

PreThinking revealed that Sprint employees were fired for discussing the Palm Pre with the public. He was told that three employees were
handed their checks in the middle of a meeting and told that they
were being let go for talking about the Palm Pre.

The Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
signed by employees does not allow employees to discuss Palm Pre information
with anyone.

In the meantime an anonymous so-called Sprint employee (who should be obeying the NDA he signed) has been answering questions about the Palm Pre. He revealed that:

  • Palm Pre will have free  backup. 
  • While connected with a USB cable the Palm Pre will send calls to voice mail.
  • The web browser can be cleared of cookies. 
  • Music can be saved as ringtone.
  • Users can carry on mutiple IM at the same time.
  • The Palm Pre supports Calltones.
  • At launch users will not be able to take videos with the Palm Pre.
  • Photos can not be cropped, yet.
  • Appointments from different calendars will show.

The blog giving out this information has no contact, or author name and is hosted by WordPress. Since he is giving out proprietary information, Sprint should be able contact WordPress if he is violation of any laws. 

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