Palm Pre News: More Features @D7, Ads, IMAP IDLE, OverSync and Palm Eos

plampretwitter.jpgThere is a lot of exciting buzz anticipating the launch of the Palm Pre
on Sprint June 6.  There is rumor that our editor that our editor, attend a Pre pre-launch event and we will be reporting what happens at the event.  Please contact us with any questions you may have and we will try to get an answer for you.

At the All Things Digital Conference (D7)) Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher announced:

"And they [Palm] are not only are going to come and talk in more
detail about the Palm Pre than you have seen before, but they're
actually going to introduce some things that haven't even been
speculated, uhh, that the Palm Pre's going to be about to do that
haven't even been speculated on the blogs, and they're going to show
some cool features."

Palm's Jon Rubinstein and spokesmodel for the Palm Pre, investor, Roger McNamee are scheduled to speak at the conference in Carlsbad.  Let the rumors begin...They range from WiMAX included with the Palm Pre
, and super-location based services.

Palm is bombarding tech websites with Palm Pre
ads in advance of the
phone's June 6 launch. Most of the display ads have a countdown timer
to the big day but according to Reuters, the countdown is not precisely accurate.
The Palm Pre will support IMAP IDLE on Gmail which is allow for better syncing and
push email.  It was noted that this feature will be faster than
BlackBerry action and beat out Apple's iPhone push email that only
works with MobileMe.

Boy Genius Report notes that during the June 5, night-before the Palm Pre
release date event, they might not
actually allow people to walk home with an early Palm Pre, due to concerns about shortages on opening day.

Gizmodo reports that the synergy sycning with Gmail may be overwhelming, "if you sync your Palm Pre
to your Gmail account, your contact list will
populate with basically every person you've ever emailed--that is,
unless you've edited it down on a regular basis." Added to Palm Pre
contact list mix will also be Facebook contacts, which could make the
process unmanageable if every Facebook friend is imported into the Palm Pre
Here's a case where your Facebook popullarity of friends could hinder your Palm Pre

In Palm Pre emulaor videos it was revealed thatTwitter Search will be supported in Universal Search on the Palm Pre.

InfoWorld reports that the Palm Pre will have a little sister, the Palm Eos, aka Castle/Pixie which we reported on May 1.  This candy bar smartpohne will run WebOS operating system and will work on
AT&T with quad-band GSM, UMTS, HSDPA, and GPRS support.

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  1. I have been invited to and will be attending the Pre launch event in Los Angeles on June 5. I am bringing a guest and was contacted by the event organizer who asked if both I and my guest will be purchasing a Pre at the event that night, to which I responded, "Yes." They replied that they were looking forward to seeing me and made no mention of potential unavailability of Pre's at the event.

    • Thanks for your information. If you are invited go for it. Avoid the crowds.

      We're glad you will be able to buy the Pre. Often places like "Boy Genius Report" repeat rumors from un-named sources leaving his "ninjas" without a leg to stand on....

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