Palm Pre News This Week: Tweets, Molls and WebOS Netbooks


looks like the crew over at Palm
are busy bees, they are using social
networking to market the Palm Pre, sponsored a webisode of The Molls Show and are working on a netbook computer.

According to Barron's, analyst Trip Chowdry says Palm will produce a
$399 netbook using the smae operating system as the WebOS and a
Qualcomm Gobi wireless chip and a ARM processor with 8-10 hours of
battery life. The netbook is being designed by staff formerly from iPod at Apple.

As far as the marketing goes for the Palm Pre, the official Palm blog
wants real people, like you to review the Palm devices and blog, Tweet
and Facebook about your experiences for six months.  Here's what the Palm blog says:

If you're
selected as a Real Reviewer, we'll provide you with a current-model
phone and data-plan service for six months. We'll expect you to
regularly share your thoughts about your experiences with your phone on
whatever blogs and social networks you frequent (but you're already
doing that, right?). We might even invite you to guest blog about your
experiences right here on Palm's blog or host a discussion board on our
Facebook Page.

Apply to be a Palm reviewer
by answering a few questions a You must be a U.S. resident and at
least 18 years old.). They say if you are intereest apply now -- and they will notify selected Real Reviewers on May 8. The May 8 date may give credance to the May 17th launch date.

Then there's the webisode of The Molls Show sponsored by the Palm Pre...  She's young, she hip and the Palm Pre "is like the awesomest phone ever."  Moll gushes, "I fell in love with it.  But the bad news is that it is not out yet and I have to wait.."


Molls is seen in montage of scenes with the Palm Pre, writing love letters, dreaming bout it, while a guy (J. Chris Newberg) with a guitar sings, "I'm multitasking but I'm gonna' wait for you. I will wait for you for ever."

There are romantic shots of Molls and the Palm Pre while the show itself is about tattoos and body art. The worst tattoo the tattoo expert has ever seen, was "If you can read this, you are probably f*$#ing me."

Then Molls has two Barbie dolls act out how friends can be shallow and another musical rocking montage. There is a disclaimer. "Palm Pre is a sponsor of his sole episode of The Molls Show.  The opinions and statements made in this episode of The Molls Show do not necessarilly reflect the opinion of Palm Pre."


After Molls' long wait for the Palm Pre, there is hope for the rest of the smartphone relationship hungry generation, rumors surged this week with pics that the Palm Pre will have a little sister the Palm Pixie.

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