T-Mobile Supported Unlocked iPhones Through Glitch

t-mobilelogo.jpgThe Consumerist gives kudos to T-Mobile for helping customers on their network through a glitch with iPhones and other unlocked phones even though they don’t officially support the phone. They also gave the customers service credits.

When T-Mobile changed their voicemail system it caused  problems with iPhones (and some other unlocked non T-mobile branded phones)

Customers would  get blank text messages from the
future (2012!) when people left voicemails, and calling voicemail
caused a flurry of the blank texts to arrive. The customers were charged for the blank text messages.

iPhone users on T-Mobile’s network
e-mailed Executive Customer Service, and recieved a phone call acknowledging the problem and awarding a 1-month service credit.

The T-Mobile rep said that although T-Mobile does not support the iPhone they do support their customers.

A forum member commented that T-Mobile plans for data and voice are cheaper than AT&T. The going price from Apple or AT&T for an iPhone without a plan is $599 or $699.