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The  Palm Pre has gotten many good reviews that especially praised the WebOS operating system that uses a deck of cards and synchronization (synergy) of contacts from many sources including social networking sites. The Palm Pre  was called, fun, the sexiest phone since the iPhone, stunning, beautiful and gorgeous.

The Palm Pre works via gestures on the touchscreen and a small slide out keyboard with sticky little keys. The reviewers were mixed on the keyboard, one reviewer called it 'pretty good"  and others thought it would take getting used to. Here's where you would probably need to give the keyboard a try to see if it suits your needs.

Media capabilities were rated excellent for ease of use and it will even sync with iTunes. The web browser does a great job of rendering web pages and is fast. The 3MP camera is fast because it processes the images in the background. The  Palm Pre has a back-up features that could save a lot of problems.

Reviewers referred to the battery life as too short to about the same as the iPhone. The  Palm Pre has complicated advanced features meant to simplify life and does require a bit of learning time which would save more time in the future.

For the Sprint network subscribers the  Palm Pre is an obvious yes for people who need full functionality and a computer-away-from home or office. If you love your carrier there will be more WebOS smartphones from Palm next year. To read summaries of all the reviews, reviewed, continue reading.  More information is available online and we have done many articles about the  Palm Pre which we hope you find amusing including a hilarious Jerry Seinfeld routine at the VIP launch party.
plampretwitter.jpgSacha Segan at PCMag rated the Palm Pre 4 out of 5, it's the sexiest handset, since the iPhone and and is more fun than any other Sprint phone. He liked the excellent design, cool innovative WebOS and fast synergy. The screen is crystal clear and is a bit more fun than most smartphones. The card system is brilliant. Call quality was good and worked well with Bluetooth headsets. Synergy is a stand-out feature. The Web browser is quick and easy. It is the best multimedia phone since the iPhone. The 3 MP camera is fast. You can't use it as a tethered modem. Battery life is a little short. "Overall, though, webOS is the
most exciting mobile platform I've used in quite a while, and the Pre
is pretty impressive, so it nabs our Editors' Choice for smartphones on

Ginny Mies at PCWorld rated the Palm Pre 83 out of 100 writes that the Palm Pre lives up to its hype with imperfect design.  She didn't like the keyboard, lack of removable memory, and found the synergy syncronization overwhelming. Syncing media was a snap. Video quality was excellent."Hardware flaws aside, the Palm Pre made a solid impression on me. Its
eye-catching design and smooth operation make this smartphone the most
exciting device I've seen in a while."

synergypicPalmPre.jpgBonnie Cha at CNET rated the Palm Pre 3.5 out of 5 for unparalleled multitasking and notifications, quality vibrant display, web browser and multimedia integration. She didn't like the keyboard, lack of voice-dialing/video recording/expansion slot/on-screen keyboard, and small app catalog. The OS is solid and impressive as well as the cards, and notification system are best in the league. However because of the short battery life and sluggishness it is not recommended for business users. The OS takes a while to learn. Synergy pulls in contacts along with a photo of the person. The web browser is quite good. You can't buy tracks directly from iTunes but you can from Amazon but will only download via Wi-Fi. Photo quality was impressive and photos can be geo-tagged with GPS. Call quality was good.

Joshua Topolsky,
at Engadget,  the guy who showed the Palm Pre as guest on Jimmy Fallon,
called the Palm Pre design stunning because of the way like it a stone
it fits in your hand and your pocket. He liked the design, but noted
that the slider mechanism isn't as strong as it could be but it is
beautifil and a lot o love went into the solid design. The clarity of
the screen is excellent and the touchscreen outlcasses other devices.
The keyboard is pretty good.  The orange key makes it easy to copy and
paste. He loved the camera and the way it backloads the image
processing so that you can take photos quickly one after another. He
called theWebOS system absolutely goregeous and best the iPhone. The
card system is excellent and he was able to use up to 12 apps. He
didn't like that the synergy encorporates all contacts from all sources
which can be overwhelming. The calendar navigation is clever. IM and
SMS integration is the coolest and most interesting. Mobile browsing is
as good as it gets. With media management, Palm scores. Sprint
Navigation worked flawlessly and he was pleased with the Sprint
network. The back-up feature worked. It's a great phone.

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