BlackBerry (Storm / Tour) Apps Update 2Day: FlyCast 2.0 Station Cache

FlyCast is a streaming audio "radio stations" program, we previously named "BlackBerry Storm App of the Day." FlyCast claims to have more radio stations than any other Internet radio
or satellite platform with 1200 stations. For our BlackBerry Tour readers, we have confirmed from FlyCast that FlyCast works on the BlackBerry Tour.

FlyCast streams popular radio
stations and it will work anywhere. If you are out of town and want to
listen to a major radio station, you should be able to find some of
your favorites from Boston, New York or Los Angeles.

Flycast has updated their service now offers "wireless station caching," the ability listen to  favorite radio stations without a wireless connection. With
FlyCast 2.0, users store their favorite stations when  connected to a cellular or Wi-Fi network, then
disconnect from the network and listen to the stations any time.

Version 2.0 of their BlackBerry app presents music
stations in a track-based cover flow, enabling in-application music
purchases and providing time shifting skip-ahead and skip-back
functionality. FlyCast 2.0 reduces battery drain and cellular data usage charges.


FlyCast 2.0's caching  allows users to enjoy the following

  • 3 Plays/30 Days --Cached content is maintained in the context of the
    station and can be kept for a maximum of 30 days or three plays,
    whichever comes first.
  • In-Application Purchasing - Users can purchase tracks with the click
    of a button from within the application, even after the song has been
  • Twitter integration -- Users can Tweet or "recommend" songs they like
    from FlyCast. Links are then posted to their Twitter account and
    followers can click on the link from any Twitter reader and be
    immediately taken to that station and hear the entire song.

Unlike other services, FlyCast 2.0 offers over-the-air (OTA) caching of
stations and does not require a USB connection. Additionally,
stations can be "burst-cached" much faster than real-time, requiring
only minutes of connectivity to cache hours of web and terrestrial
broadcasts. Listening to cached stations can dramatically reduce battery
drain and cellular data usage charges.

"With FlyCast 2.0, we've introduced a new type of broadcast experience
that benefits listeners, broadcasters, and content providers alike,"
said David Kennedy, FlyCast CEO. "We've focused on addressing
common problems encountered by those who enjoy the mobile media
experience, and in doing so we've also dramatically enhanced the quality
of that experience. Now, listeners can see what they are hearing,
audition it prior to purchase, recommend it and buy it."

Pricing and Availability

FlyCast 2.0 is available as a free download by browsing to
from a supported BlackBerry device and has been submitted to the
BlackBerry AppWorld store and will be available there shortly. The free
version allows unlimited streaming.

Users can also choose from two,
one-time only premium upgrade fees that offer station caching -- $9.95
for five hours and $19.95 for 20 hour versions, good for the life of the
device. This one-time pricing model is unique in the industry.
Individual tracks from the cached stations can be purchased at any time
from within the FlyCast.

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