BlackBerry Tour Apps 2Day: Google Maps

Screenshot0072blackberrystreetview.pngOne of the most popular apps for the BlackBerry Storm for our readers is Google Maps and we are pleased to find out the Google Maps app now works with the BlackBerry Tour. 

Google has made changes to their server, and BlackBerry Tour users will get the correct version of Google Maps for the BlackBerry Tour.

Google Maps for BlackBerry  looks and feels like the PC/Web version. It provides driving and transit directions. There is also
phone number search for phone numbers and addresses of local businesses with dialing built-in.

Other features of Google Maps are street view and walking directions. You can see your friends' locations and status messages via Latitude the location-based friends app. Start Maps and then select "Join Lttitude." The app automatically detects your location through a service called "my location."

For commuters there is real-time traffic information.  As with everything Google it is free.

To download go to from the BlackBerry Tour's native browser.

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