BlackBerry Tour Apps 2Day: World Mate Live Travel

WorldMateBlackBerry.jpgIt's summer and many new BlackBerry Tour owners will most likely be traveling using the worldly aspects of the BlackBerry Tour and want to download the best free apps for the BlackBerry Tour.

Here is a BlackBerry Tour travel app we think you'll like WorldMate Live. They claim it makes on-the-go lifestyle easier. WorldMate Live helps users plan and manage trips at home and on the road, with instant access to travel tools and resources, making travel hassle-free.

Their apps have been very popular on all platforms and we named it the "BlackBerry Storm App of the Day" as well as the Top Ten Best BlackBerry Storm Apps.

WorldMate Live is available on their mobile website for the BlackBerry Tour 9630..

WorldMate Live is an awarding winning travel app that they claim is the Number 1 travel service.


  • Forward your travel confirmation emails to and your itinerary is automatically created. It syncs between your mobile phone, website and Outlook calendar.
  • Users receive flight alerts and reminders in real-time.
  • Search for alternate flights with a click of a button.
  • View your entire trip on a map.
    Click your trip items to view maps and directions on your phone.
    Navigate to your hotel, meeting or airport with one click.
  • Automatic reminders for items you forgot to book.

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Here's a funny video about Max the business traveler who is rescued by WorldMate Live. What we don't find funny about the cartoon is that there are no women business travelers.