BlackBerry ( Tour / Storm) Free Apps 2Day: Pandora Internet Radio 1.1 BlackBerry

blackberry_tour_thumbpandora.jpgThere is now a new version of  Pandora Internet Radio for BlackBerry. The new version works on the brand new BlackBerry Tour smartphone. We previously named Pandora our "Free BlackBerry Storm App of the Day" and are adding it to our list of Favorite BlackBerry Tour Apps.

Pandora creates radio stations
based on songs and artists that you like based on algorithms from the
Music Genome Project. Pandora Radio streams the songs to your BlackBerry.

Users give feedback on individual songs (thumbs up and thumbs down) which Pandora
takes into account for future song picked.
While listening, users can buy the songs or albums. Over 400 different
musical attributes are considered when choosing the next song. These
400 attributes are
combined into larger groups called focus traits. There are 2,000 focus

If you haven't tried Pandora, you really should. It has been very popular on the BlackBerry Storm and we expect it will as popular on the BlackBerry Tour.

Pandora can be a lot of fun because you may remember an artist you liked but not always the song or vice a versa.  Type in the song or artist and you'll usually find music you like.  One day, we created a station based on the Mama's and Papa's and were taken back to the happy hippie days of the sixties.
New Features or Pandora for BlackBerry

  • Significantly better audio quality over mobile network - now using stereo AAC+ (HE-AAC) for both Wi-Fi and mobile connections.
  • Listener preference option to select "High" quality stream
    over mobile network or "Normal" for slower connections. Both are
  • Create Station screen now has auto-complete functionality as you type.
  • Added user preference option to enable or disable station auto-start.
  • Moved "Log Out" from main menu into Options screen, it now shows the currently logged-in username.
  • Visual overlay when changing volume; easier to see actual volume level.
  • Application will check for correct application permissions on startup, and offer to set them to appropriate values if required.
  • You can now get to the "Options" screen from the menus of both the Station List screen and the Now Playing screen.
  • Reduced download size of app by about 30-40%.

To download Pandora for BlackBerry Tour, Storm, Curve, Bold, 8800 series or Pearl, point your BlackBerry browser to to download and
install the app. It should be available on BlackBerry App World soon.