Deal of the Day: BlackBerry Storm2 Buy One Get a Netbook Free @ Verizon

buyonegetonfreeblackberrystorm2.pngWe were wondering if the new touchscreen BlackBerry Storm2 would be included in the  Buy One Get One Free BlackBerry Deal at Verizon and the good news is that if you buy one BlackBerry Storm2, you can get another BlackBerry or mobile broadband device for FREE. The added advantage of buying online is that when you buy the BlackBerry Storm2 you immediately get the rebate included and only have to payout $179.99.

Therefore, you can get another BlackBerry device or mobile broadband device such as the MiFi or a Gateway netbook for free after rebates. If you were thinking of getting a netbook, anyway, this is the best, top, cheapest deal for you.

The BlackBerry Storm2 comes with the latest BlackBerry operating
system OS 5.0. The BlackBerry Storm2 features new SurePress "clickable"
display technology
and built-in Wi-Fi, 480 x 360 display at 184 ppi.

The BlackBerry Storm2 has received good reviews
and is an improvement over the first version.  Where it really excells
in the email department.  The BlackBerry Browser is improved with
faster JavaScript and CSS processing as well as support for Gears and
BlackBerry Widgets.

The Gateway LT2016u Netbook comes with Windows XP Home Operating System, is global capable, features a 10.1" display, 1GB of RAM and 160GB of Hard Drive. It features a built-in Web-cam/microphone, Windows Media Player, and  Wi-Fi.

A free netbook a very enticing deal except the Verizon Moto Droid is stealing
the BlackBerry Storm2's thunder with a huge high-end feature set.  Will
most people need all the Droid bells and whistles? Probably not.  To
get a BlackBerry Storm2 and a free netbook could be very useful. The netbook gives you a lot
more power and screen.

Read about the Top Best BlackBerry Storm Free Apps.  If you have a first gen BlackBerry Storm be sure to update the software to the latest version. We also reccomend using the BOLT browser.