70% of Women Want to Play Mobile Game Apps, Says New Samsung Study

BadaPhotapp.jpgSamsung unveiled the results of a new survey into consumers' mobile
software demands, providing unique insights into the opportunities
available for the growing developer community across the world.

Almost half
(42%) of current feature phone users surveyed would pay to download
applications if they could - and 54% of those people would be prepared
to pay up to €5 for each application they download, illustrating the
scale of the potential revenues available for developers by extending
application-downloadable smartphone markets.

The research
highlighted the types of applications which are particularly sought
after by those consumers who have no previous experience of downloading
them - and therefore the people who present the biggest potential
revenue opportunity for developers at the moment. The study shows that
among users of mainstream handsets who have not downloaded an
application before, travel and navigation applications were most in
demand with 34% of people surveyed eager to use them, followed by
photography (12%), work (11%) and shopping (9%).

Further findings illustrate where the market opportunity lies for
different types of applications among current smartphone users, and
indicate the areas where developers could reap the benefits and
discover new revenues.
Overall, women were found to be highly attracted to certain types of
applications. Gaming applications are ranked more popular among women
than men, with 70% of women surveyed saying they use them, as opposed
to 57% of men. Women also value photography applications highly, with
just under half saying that they use them to help in their everyday
lives (49%). Nearly six out of ten women (57%) said that they use apps
to enrich their family life, illustrating that demand for apps designed
for parents has overtaken those for social networking (which received
just 39% of responses).

Education is also an area with huge potential for growth within the
application market. When asked what pps they would like to see
developed, the highest number of respondents (18%) said they would like
new education apps, as they feel that there isn't a suitable solution
available for them at the present time. The figures also show that
there are more opportunities for developers in the work and travel
related apps arena. These were rated second and third by consumers
disappointed that the right app is not available yet (17% and 13%

In addition, the findings raised the issue of the longevity of apps
among smartphone users. 43% of app users said that once they have
downloaded an app they quickly lose interest and cease using it,
leaving almost half of apps redundant within a relatively short space
of time. "This shows that the market is still in its infancy," said Dr
Hosoo Lee. "There's a clear gap in the market for 'killer' apps which
can enrich people's mobile phone lives, and we believe that bada will
be the platform to supply these apps."