Droid-Android Apps to Download 2Day: Dolphin Social Browser with Multi-Touch for Droid & Hero

dolphinBrosser.pngIf you would like to be able to share your web experience via Twitter or use multi-touch on the Droid by Motorola, Droid Eris by HTC or HTC Hero then the Dolphin Social Browser is a gotta' download app for you. Its been downloaded over 50,000 times and has gotten over 1500 ratings. It's not an absolute must must-download like Media Link from Motorola (for Droid only) but you may like to give it browse. The Android Dophlin Browser works both on Droid Eris by HTC and Droid by Motorola which makes the current Verizon's buy a Droid get a Droid Eris free more enticing.

If you read the description of the Dolphin Browser on the Android Market, and like real English grammar, you will probably be turned off by:

"Dolphin Browser gives u a better Mobile Internet experience.(Like Firefox Mobile)
-Sync G.bokmak
-DL youtube video

-Multi touch 4 Droid! Hero&cyan*
-Move cache 2 SD"

The description is Twitteresque, while the demonstration video is more classy with moving music and a clear demonstration. It appears the developer is a Twitter lover because you can share your browsing via Twitter.

Features of the Dolphin Browser which looks like Firefox are the ability to:

  • To pinch zoom and expand zoom with two fingers like the iPhone.
  • Post web pages and status updates to Twitter and Facebook with a single click.
  • View Daily Recommendations.
  • Subscribe to RSS Feeds with auto detection.
  • View quick thumbnail previews.
  • All-in-One Start Page with most-acessed pages.
  • Auto-completion as you type, not only from your bookmarks and history, but also from Del.icio.us, Dolphin's list of most popular sites, and Google.
  • Multiple windows.
  • Customizable gestures for web control, such as one for back.
  • Select text with fingers and copy.
  • Tabbed browsing.

This must be a renegade app because Dolphin Browser tweeted recently,
On Decebmer 1, the app was removed from Android Market accordinng to the DophinBrowser tweet "Dolphin Browser @ my Acc have been removed from market by Google! just upload with a new account, just search "Dolphin Browser." There was no explanation why it was removed from Android Market.

Twitter users loved the Dolphin Browser one tweeted, "Checking out the mobile twitter goodness in dolphin browser on my #android phone...sweet!"
"Dolphin Browser's latest update is fantastic. Pinch zooming / multi-touch is great on my #Droid, and it seems way faster. Nice!"
" Oh and by the way, the Dolphin Browser can save YouTube videos on the spot and it's working like a charm.

Of course Twitters commented when the Browser mysteriously disappeared from Android Market, "Google is evil. They removed Mgeek account from market without notice. So I can't download dolphin browser. But it is coming back now."

Mobile Burn noted that it's very nice, has a lot of promise, it's a cool system over, but has some minor rendering problems needs a little bit of work.

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