iPhone and QWERTY Top Devices for Mobile Ads, Says Millennial

Millennial Media has released their January Scorecard for Mobile Advertising Reach and Targeting (SMART). It offeres new insights into breakout campaign destination trends including m-Commerce, Social Media and Site Search and Campaign Effectiveness by Ad Vertical, supplied to us by InsightExpress. The U.S. Mobile Web: increased to 67M users, according to Nielsen (Dec.)


  • Apple remained the number one device manufacturer with a 36.22% share of impressions in January - the largest percentage share since we starting publishing SMART in March 2009.
  • Three new devices entered the Top Ten in January: the Motorola Clutch, Samsung Freeform and the Samsung Messager II.
    Two LG devices also entered the Top Fifteen: the LG VX5500 and the LG enV Touch. As three of the five new devices to enter the Top 20 had QWERTY keyboards, it is interesting to note, the QWERTY category, within the Device Input Mix, experienced the largest increase, or 16.59%, and represented 37.56% of impressions in January.
  • A very close second within the Device Input Mix was the Touchscreen category with a 36.32% share of impressions.
    In the U.S. Smartphone OS Mix, Smartphones represented 58% of our network’s U.S. impressions in January - a 20% increase month over month.
    Over 77% of our network’s U.S. Smartphone impressions were among the iPhone and RIM OS’s.


Special Section:

1. InsightExpress conducted a study comparing the
performance of advertising on mobile devices using norms developed in
online ad testing. Mobile campaigns in the Retail Vertical showed the
largest differences in three of the five categories, Aided Awareness,
Purchase Intent, and Unaided Awareness.

2. CPG campaigns indexed high in the Brand Favorability category;
followed by auto, according to InsightExpress.

Engagement & Targeting:

Three new campaign actions were added to
January’s MYDAS™ Portfolio Mix: M-Commerce, Social Media and Site

  • Over the last several months they observed an increase in the
    number of advertisers directing users to take these actions from either
    ad creatives, custom landing pages or mobile sites and each represented
    20%, 6% and 2% of all campaign actions in January respectively.
  • Place a
    Call experienced the largest month over month change with a 16%
    increase, followed by Application Download with 7%.
    Average session times kicked off the year at 4:57 (min:sec) and average
    page views for the month were 127.