Top Best Droid X & Droid 2(Too) Tips an' Tricks from VZW

Homescreen2toright.JPGVerizon Wireless' spokesman Ken Muche was nice enough to share with us his top favorite Droid X by Motorola tips and tricks for a more efficient Droid experience. 

The Droid 2 is also made by Motorola and has almost the same interface therefore these tips will also be helpful for new Droid 2 users too.

The Droid line of smartphones are very powerful, and to a new user, it's not always obvious how to get everything you want done.

Get Homey with Your Home Screens

Muche suggests that Droid X owners explore the seven handy home screen panels of widgets. By sliding your hand left or right from the home screen, you get a new panel of features.  Swiping left brings the right home screens. Swiping right brings the left home screens.

The first home screen to the left includes appointments, messages, Gmail, Skype, Backup Assistant and messaging.

A really useful home screen is two over to the left, with the battery management widget where you can shut off battery draining Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or GPS when you are not using them, as well as setting your Droid X into airplane mode. This home screen also has a weather update widget and the 3G mobile hotspot app.

The third home screen on the left is for adding social networking.

first home screen to the right is the contact/calling home screen with
Voice Dialing, Recent Calls, Contact Search, and Favorites.  The second
home screen on the right is for entertainment, with a playlist,
camera/video function, media share, BlockBuster, camcorder, and photo
gallery. The third homescreen to the right is for the RSS feeds.

Because you are swiping it can be faster than pressing menu buttons to access these features by other methods.

SWYPE It While You Type it -
The Swype keyboard does not require your fingers to leave the
touchscreen and is super fast. Muche suggests that you give it a swipe.

Skype to Save
- the Droid X comes preloaded with Skype, users can save on international calls through the Skype service. You can make and receive unlimited Skype-to-Skype calls and IM's. Calls to U.S. numbers will be carried by Verizon Wireless, not Skype, and charged according to your calling plan.

When Mobile Hotspotting Stay in Charg
e - the Wi-Fi hotspot features drains the Droid X battery way down.  Two ways to help are to connect the Droid X to the USB port on your laptop or to keep in the charger.

Better Signals by Windows
-  walls in buildings can stifle your data signals, when using your Droid X as a Wi-Fi hotspot, you'll usually get a better signal by a windows.

Zap Apps App - a great widget for cutting resources  the " AdvancedTask Killer" this downloadable app allows Droid X users to shut off apps that are using resources.

Speak Your Text - the voice search feature activated by tapping the microphone from the text entry screen or by holding down the search button allows you to say things like "Find Gas Station" to help you get what you want when your want it.
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