Samsung Galaxy S II (2) News: Facebook Attains Samsung Attain AT&T Glam Shot

SamsungGalaxySIIAttainfromATT.JPGSamsung Mobile Singapore posted a lovely glamor shot of the Samsung Galaxy S II Attain with the AT&T logo emblazoned on it.

The photo is supposed to show off the desktop dock, but it is instead proof that the Samsung Galaxy S II Attain will be released from AT&T as well as a testament to its slim design.

There were previous rumors that the Samsung Galaxy S II would land in the United Sates on Verizon as the Samsung Function with a July release date that was later refuted to be incorrect.

The Attain name seems to make sense since it begins with the letters A, T, & T.  The name was leaked in an accessory catalog.
We would not rule out July for the Samsung Galaxy S II release in America if we go by release dates last year.

Last year, the Samsung Galaxy S release started in July, with the Samsung Captivate on July 18, the Epic 4G on August 31, and the Samsung Fascinate
on September 8.  We suspect that the Samsung Galaxy S II
dual-core versions will follow that pattern until announced otherwise.

The Attain is
worth waiting for because the smartphone is packed with features  - a dual processor, 4.3" Super AMOLED touchscreen, better battery life,
voice commands,
NFC, an 8MP camera/camcorder (1080 HD), Bluetooth,
and special Samsung TouchWhiz UI features.

Technical specs include a 1GB RAM on board, 16GB/32G
MicroSD (up to 32GB), A-GPS, and DLNA AllShare.

Samsung Korea announced that global preorders for the Gingerbread dual-core Samsung Galaxy S II reached three million by the end of April.

Samsung media features are the Social Hub, Readers Hub, Game Hub and
Music Hub.  A new feature is Kies air for transferring files over Wi-Fi.