Nexus News: Samsung Galaxy Nexus Skated, Updated, Faced and Sold-Out

Galaxy NexusWithin one day of the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus there is new news about the highly-anticipated superphone from Verizon Wireless with promotions, updates, unlocking advice and accessories.

Verizon Wireless has begun promoting the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Samsung Stratosphere with a new commercial featuring Paul Rodriguez doing some great spins. Paul says at the end "These deals make me look old." See videos below.

Google is promoting the Galaxy Nexus with a a cute video showing how a boy can't unlock his father's Nexus with his face.  Tech enthusiasts and security experts suggest that Nexus users not use face unlock, because a photo of the person on another can unlock the Nexus.  In a "Verge" video, the host pointed out that someone could kill you, take photo of you and unlock the phone with the photo or even your dead face.

From the Android face unlock setup screen it says:

  • Face unlock is less secure than a pattern, PIN or password.
  • Someone who looks similar to you could unlock your phone.
  • The data used to identify your face is kept private on the phone.

Within a few hours of purchasing the Samsung Nexus owners received an upate to Android 4.02 Ice Cream Sandwich ICL53F fixes email attachment issues, enhances data speed/connections and optimizes mobile hotspots. DivX support has been removed, and will be supported in a future upgrade. The audio volume in Google navigation has been improved for turn-by-turn directions. It will take 1-5 minutes to download and 1-5 minutes to install. You will not be able to make phone calls during the update.

If you are a power-user you may want to consider a new back and 2100AH extended life battery 
(Part#: SAMI515BATX)  that is reportedly on sale for $24.99 and will keep you  powered for longer.

Online discounters LetsTalk, Amazon Wireless and Wirefly  have all sold-out of inventory of the Nexus and have put it on backorder with days of shipping numbered. We checked the at Verizon Wireless  webstie and as of this writing Verizon still has the Nexus in stock.